The Root Cause of Fungus

11988424_10206424748231049_3851978390642144499_nWho loves SCIENCE?!? and biology? and biochemistry? Well, have you ever heard me or someone else say this: “fungus overgrowth is the #1 root cause of our diseases today” and wonder, “WHY so? what exactly does this statement mean?  I love people who ask the right questions…..while the asking of “WHY” can get annoying in a hurry when your toddler is about 2 or 3 years old and it’s the only word they know, this age-old question is actually pure genius!!! I wish more people would ask the question WHY when their health starts to come apart at the seams. Thankfully, there ARE actually answers!! Though there are obviously more then just one main root cause to all the different diseases (probably between 5-10, but no more; I will speak of the others in another article), the experts in health today all agree that fungus overgrowth ranks as #1. The more I research, the more I agree. (Note: we are speaking of PHYSICAL root causes here, I believe MENTAL issues are more powerful then physical, but that’s a whole other article…..or book:)

Here is the BEST explanation I’ve heard to date of what “gut health” really is…..for the sciency, nerdy types that ask WHY, lol!!! My friend Jessica Hoogendoorn (Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist, Certified Nutritional Counselor) gives a fantastic visual of fungus/candida. She says:

“Think of your gut like a walled castle, a fortress. If it is sealed like its supposed to be, then it keeps toxins out, they go from the gut to the liver and the liver filters the junk and sends it OUT and we are healthy;) Full of life and energy. Bouncing out of bed. Well, lets say we get vaccinated, take even 1 round of antibiotics, go on birth control, have a poor diet, etc. When we do that, what happens is this, little bad bacteria that we are all born with in the gut (called candida albicans or fungus; its what decomposes us when we die, turns us back to dust) starts to grow and feed out of control on all these dead bacteria that the birth control, antibiotics, vaccines, etc cause. Candida/fungus is like an octopus with long decomposing fingers. When candida/fungus starts to grow and feed on the junk in our gut caused by poor diet, or die off from antibiotics or drugs, or sugar and carbs that we eat… upsets the balance ratio of good bacteria in the gut, turning it to bad bacteria now ruling. You have to understand: 70-80% of our immune system resides in our guts, which basically means that our health almost entirely depends on the ratio of good to bad bacteria ruling our guts. To be healthy, our gut should be approximately 80% good bacteria to 20% bad bacteria/candida/fungus. Now its roles are literally reversed. So the candida starts to flourish and has octopus like fingers that grow and grow and start to decompose and eat holes in the lining of the gut. Our fort has now been compromised. Toxins, food particles, etc then start to leak out of these tiny holes in our intestines into our blood stream/body and start wreaking havoc!! If they settle in the joints, we start to get achy joints/arthritis etc…..If they settle in the female organ area, we have PCOS, ENDO, PMS, etc…..If they settle in the thyroid, we have hypo thyroid/hashimotos and gain weight for no reason….If they settle in the brain, we have depression etc…..If they settle in the bladder, we struggle with chronic bladder infections/UTI. Food particles get into the blood stream/body and we all of a sudden have food allergies, gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, or environmental allergies. If it hits our Nervous system, we have MS…..If it hits our lungs, we develop asthma…..and so on it goes. So, we go to the doctor and they give us antibiotics, pain killers, medication drugs, inhalers, etc….but neither we nor the Dr. ever get to “WHY DO WE HAVE THIS ISSUE?” In fact, we’ve been going back home to use all these different medications and antibiotics, and we’ve unknowingly/unintentionally ended up just making the root cause WORSE. Its really all so simple… started with an imbalance in our gut flora, leading to candida/fungus taking over and compromising our gut lining. The solution? You heal/rebalance the gut and heal those holes…..VIOLA!!! We got to the root of it all, instead of just accepting it and masking symptoms the rest of our lives with drugs.

When your body has an overload of toxins that never should be there in the first place…..everything slows to a halt and your body does just what is has to to survive. It is like an army that has been overrun and they are running for their lives. Exhausted and just trying to stay alive. Fatigue is the first step towards a disease I was taught in school! The body is saying, “hey something is wrong, HELP!” Well, Plexus put together a protocol that #1 heals the gut, cleanses out those toxins, balances the hormones, balances blood sugar, reduces inflammation and FLOODS you with nutrients and oxygen that make you loaded with energy:) SO, instead of masking symptoms, we are now getting at the ROOT OF IT ALL:)

I thought this was a great visual for what’s going on in our guts!! Right? So yes, fungus overgrowth seems to be the #1 root cause of stuff going wrong in our bodies. As Jessica said, we are all born with a small amount of fungus/candida, which is OK and normal in these small amounts. Why? Because fungus does actually have ONE purpose, but ONE only. That is to decompose all organic matter (humans, animals, plants, living things). Except that’s supposed to happen after that “organic matter” dies, LOL!! And YES, that’s exactly what’s happening to us (when the gut lining is compromised as Jessica explained, and when the fungus is now setting up camp anywhere in the body)……we are actually starting to decompose to some level WHILE STILL ALIVE!!! Does it make sense now why organs/systems of the body start to fail when infested with fungus? Yup.

So what helps address these issues? How about balancing your blood sugars, a probiotic, and detoxing? A good supply of oxygen, and enzymes that break down the bad guys.

I’m telling you guys, there is soooooo much to be said and to be understood on this topic of fungus overgrowth/gut health. There have been answers all along!!

I wrote this tonight for 2 reasons: #1 is for my friends and family who are trying to fully understand what’s all at play here what what will help. Specifically for those who actually ask WHY and have been searching, possibly for years, for the answers as to what is causing certain symptoms in their bodies. GOOD NEWS!! There are answers! Never quit searching.
#2 is for people who are beginning to understand, and are seeing their mom or dad or sibling or friend suffering from poor health, and they would love to help out and share their new-found knowledge but they are not really sure just yet where to start. Or how to explain this “complicated thing” that really is so simple in the end. Well, here’s your article, this is for YOU then!!! I did all the heavy lifting for you, just use this info.

This is my main message and has become my motto:

Thanks to my good friend Rebekah Engelbretson in compiling this awesome explanation.

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2 Responses to The Root Cause of Fungus

  1. Jeralyn says:

    Dear People, I agree wholeheartedly on the Root Cause of illnesses! But I would like to enlighten those of you that do not realize that we are “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”! I also have been on the long journey to find answers to all my “whys” of why I feel so sick! And God has been good in leading me along the path to find healing.
    Plexus with a help of a friend led me to the start of researching candida. And everything in “moderation( meaning somethings can get carried overboard on the subject according to tons of research I’ve done)” is making sense that I am definitely on the right track for finding my root cause for my illness. However I have tried Plexus with a few results but have found that I needed a more powerful killer for the candida. I am currently on products from a Candida Wellness Center in Utah. I have got even better results from that. It’s a very painfully slow process though because of the high expense of the products. So I am now just beginning to try a product that contains fermented dehydrated ground up veggies that has powerful enzyme killers and replenishing good gut bacteria in it. My dad uses it to keep ammonia levels down in his fish tanks( He raises fish). And it has done wonders for his fish! They also say it has cured some cancer and diabetes. So we shall see what it does.
    But I say all that to open your eyes and see that Plexus Does Not Work for Everyone. A friend of mine (that has been through everything from A to Z and has tried most everything and is now on Plexus and doing great even though she first thought it a hoax) said my conclusions exactly! She said, that just because it works for her, she could not tell me that it would work for me too. Everybody has their own story and their own personal journey to seek out the quest that is just right in healing their body! All we can do is point them in the right direction ( like I do feel a lot of peoples illnesses are from fungus), but in the end they have to find the product that is able to help our delicately designed bodies.
    I am not against Plexus( they do have there good in areas) but I am not for it either for the simple reason that it is a pyramid thing. Making money to help with health expenses may not be all wrong But I sure would not feel right trying to promote the product and trying to sell it, when there are poor needy people( like myself) that are simply trying out the product to see if finally at last I found that all around curable for my illnesses. But Alas! it was not and on the road again to find something else! So please I plead that you people out there think before you try to shove Plexus down someone’s throat. And I don’t mean to be condemning it’s just” I’ve been there done that” and I am very cautious about trying to “help” people by saying ” Yup, since it helped me; it will you too!” Because in the very end Everyone’s body is different! That is why there is such a variety of stuff on the market! Thanks for the article!

    • TenderHerb says:

      HI, I know this is a late reply. 🙂 And I hear your cause for concerns. I too was very skeptical of it all, and didn’t try it for a long while, for 2 reasons. 1. Another product claiming to be THE answer. 2. It was a Network Marketing company. But God led us to try it, and we are so blessed because of it. The more I have studied Plexus, the more I am convinced it is an awesome company with awesome products. While it might seem it does not help everyone, (and I’m sure it may not, it is not a 100% cure rate) it leaves me wondering if you worked with the products and if the person gave it enough time. For myself, my health was so low, it took 5 mths before I would see enough good results to convince me of the products. I had to give it time to begin healing, and unraveling the layers and layers of messed up hormones and layers of crud in my body. It took a long time for my body to get to that low of a state, it takes time to undo it. I’m thankful it wasn’t a faster process or I would have gotten sicker before getting better. My body couldn’t have handled a faster, stronger die-off. I am still working with die-off and still trying to get on top of the fungus, even after being on the products for more than 2 yrs. I encourage people to research the products, the ingredients in each product and see what each does. It really is some powerful ingredients in there, doing so much for our bodies. Blessings on your journey in your search for answers.

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