~Our Flower~

k2Kianna Rose

joined our family on Oct. 11th, 2015, at 4:05am,

Weighing 8lb 4oz, 2o.5in long.

We promptly fell in love!!

k7k3Kianna means – Living in God’s grace

Rose – Fragrant flower

Her name has special meaning to us. At the time God gave her to us, He was doing a BIG work in my heart! He showed me His grace in a whole new way!! Rose – is a family name, on my Mom’s side. I have lots of cousins and an Aunt with Rose used in various ways in their names. And we know she is our special fragrant flower, given to us to enjoy!!


Anyway, she was in a hurry just like her big brother Karson, but this time the midwife was there an hour & a half before she arrived. I was a bit nervous about her birth knowing how fast it went with Karson. And I had been dilating for a while, so my midwife was nervous too. Well, I went to bed around 10, wondering if the gut feeling I’d had all day, was going to happen that night. Well, I woke up around 11:45, and had a few hard contractions that seemed different. I rolled over to go use the bathroom and knew my water had broke. So I knew it was the real thing.k4It was pretty intense, I’d never had back labor before. Kianna was in a position she could not move out of. Not the labor I wanted, but at least it was only 4 hours long. She arrived at 4:05am. ‘Covered in her beauty cream’, as my midwife put it. (None of my boys ever had that much vernix on them. She was white with it!!) I was shocked to say the least at the amount of dark hair she had!! My babies were coming every other one, blond & dark, she was to be blond!! And not to mention, none had as much hair as she did!! It was a prayer answered. I had wanted a little girl with a bunch of dark hair.

k6I think I was living in a dream the next few days, no, make that longer, I’m still living in a dream. I was given such a gift, and I felt so very blessed and it seemed a bit unreal. I was putting pink on my newborn baby, my very own daughter!! And seeing the smile on her father’s face, brought joy to my heart.

It was interesting observing the response in each of the boys…

Collin , 10.5 yrs, had went to the barn at 3:30am, and we couldn’t find him then when things had settled down in the house after Kianna was born. He was hiding out in the barn office. But he was delighted to meet her!!

Jevan (almost 8 at the time) – he was a bit of a different story. He did not want to see her. Or have anything to do with her. So he went to church with my parents without being introduced to his little sister. He waited until he was home again. Then he looked at her, but would not hold her. Later he finally held her. Now- It’s a totally different story!!! He is the one who takes most interest in her.

Rylen (6.5yrs) – he had been waiting on her for forever!!! He was so excited!! And happily chatted with anyone who would listen at church to him talk about her.

Karson (she came 1 wk before his 2nd birthday!!) – He didn’t really know what it was all about, but he was right away possessive of her. And delightfully calls her ‘Kia Ro’e’.


Here are some of his 2 yr old pictures. He is such a fun, lovable guy!!!k8  k11 We are delightfully enjoying our little princess. And it’s hard to believe she’s been delighting our lives and home for 3 mths. I’ll do another post in a day or two with more updated pictures. This will have to do for now.

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