Baby Room Re-Do


Another long overdue post… I was asked to share pictures of the baby room that I redid with my sister’s help last summer. I could NEVER have done it without her help!! But then I’d probably not done all I did to it either, if it wouldn’t have been for her help. So THANKS so much June for all the hours you put into giving me the nursery of my dreams!!! I love it just as much today as the day it was finished. {Which technically was just a couple weeks ago.}

I looked for a while to find an old picture of the room before… but of course couldn’t find what I was looking for. I forgot to get one of the boarder that I had up of Thomas and friends. So you can just imagine it. 🙂 I was pretty tired of it, as were the boys, they happily pulled it down! When we moved in here, 7.5 yrs ago, we repainted it blue from a periwinkle color. And the curtains I had put up got taken down while there were bunks in front of the window. {They were up, until they got ripped down by bouncy boys.} So this is the only ‘before’ I really have.


Jevan hard at work, filling in all the many dents and holes this room had from housing 4 boys!!! Well, 2 moved out when Karson was born, so there were 3 in here for a long time!!


My lovely sis, who worked long and hard at this room. Painting it a lovely shade of grey. Do you really wanna know all the sweat and work and frustration that was put into this room?? The trim that wouldn’t come off, the paint that Walmart discontinued on us, the trials of rehanging trim, that we finally had a friend come and do for us. The hours of stripping, sanding, and repainting the doors and trim… the rocking chair and frames… yes, we did it all. I really should say, June did a lot of it!!!






The window before and after…



I have long wanted a room with white trim. And decided this was the perfect small room to do it on. Yes, it was a lot of work. But I LOVE the results!!! I have no plans on redoing any more of house this way either. I’ll just enjoy this one room of mine!




And this rocker… I wanted a small chair or rocker for this room. But wasn’t sure I’d find anything in my price range that I really wanted. Until I found this perfect, beat up, chewed up old rocker!! Yes, chewed!! A dog must have thought the ends of the rocker a perfect spot to sharpen teeth. But we sanded it smooth, stripped it and painted it white. Looks good enough for me!!! I love it and all it’s imperfections. It’s a very comfy chair too.blog7

So here’s the finished room!! One I delight to walk in each day, many times a day!! And no, my daughter hasn’t slept in here yet. But one day it will be all her’s and not a shared room with her brother Karson. He still sleeps in the crib for now. His days are numbered. She is fast outgrowing her little bed!!

And note the painting to the left of the window, another of my sister’s painted that for me!! I love it!

I love this wall and the frames and the picture and sayings… and well, just all of it!! On the right side, the baby pics are Karson’s and Kianna’s newborn pics. They looked so much alike at that age. This drysink is from my husband’s parents, when our first was born. They had used it with all of their children and a friend had used it for a while before we got it. I love it!!


This is the opposite side of the room.


This was what just got finally hung the other week. And made the room finished!! Karson has only once messed with the frames so far.


And looking at the room from by the window. Closet is on the left, door to hall is on right. I had the lamp, & my sister Sara redid the lamp shade.

I love the way it all came together.

And here’s the little lady…


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