A Crazy Bit of Our Life, In Pictures

I know I could say this every time I post… and I probably about do. But where, oh, where does time go?? This is the easiest way to update our life right now. So enjoy the pictures…

I know I am missing things in here… Rylen turned 7. We had a fun Homeschool-End-of-the-Year picnic with the area homeschoolers. Other picnics, swimming, and all the other fun things of summer and life!!

These are from May. Karson so sweetly loved up on this bull calf for pictures!! Collin turned 11, (I thought he was just born.) And Kianna is busy learning and exploring. She learned to crawl in April at just under 6mths. She lives life to the fullest and from one adventure to the next!! Oh, and that middle pic… it’s my ‘milk-maid’ sis. 😉 She’s been milking for us for a while now. 5 May 16At Grandpa Martin’s one evening, while Delvyn & I had a quick date. They love playing ball!!5 May 162My sister Linda came home for 2 wks on furlough from MX in June. We thoroughly enjoyed her short but sweet visit. The boys had so much fun with her. Showing her the tree-house they were building.

My monkey’s in the tree…PhototasticCollage-2016-07-08-15-54-20There was also a Martin Reunion, on my Dad’s side. Yes, my Grandma Hershey was a Martin. So the Hershey’s also got together on Sunday evening. I got a 4 generation picture with Kianna, my Dad, Grandma & I. It seems so strange that my ‘little cousins’, who once upon a time I took care of as little babies, are now becoming Mom’s themselves!! Time keeps marching on!!!PhototasticCollage-2016-07-08-15-43-48~~We went with some friends out on the MS river one Saturday evening. It was full of people, so we ended up getting a ‘beach’ with a very steep bank and LOTS of turtle eggs. We made the best of it and had fun anyway.  PhototasticCollage-2016-07-08-13-55-45PhototasticCollage-2016-07-08-13-57-51PhototasticCollage-2016-07-08-13-54-04Boating is always so fun. It’s been a few yrs since we’ve been able to go out. So it was almost like a new experience for most of the boys.

The next 5 pictures are from our Church’s camp-out over Father’s Day weekend. We tried something new, and had a large lodge. And a small, private lake a stones throw away. It was a lot of fun!!!

PhototasticCollage-2016-07-08-14-56-34High on the list of things to do was canoeing and kayaking!!! Even the little boys could kayak and spent a lot of time out there, just paddling around by themselves. Delvyn & I even took a moonlight canoe ride. It was so quiet and peaceful, I could have been out there for a lot longer.PhototasticCollage-2016-07-08-14-59-08We played some games, a scavenger hunt, ‘Elephant Trunk Bowling’, and a beanbag game.PhototasticCollage-2016-07-08-15-01-37Of course campfires and late night chats were included!! And lots of ducks & geese, who followed you around begging for food. PhototasticCollage-2016-07-08-15-08-26There were many who spent a lot of time in the water!! Both days were nice and warm, just perfect for it. The youth played volleyball in the hot-HOT sand. They kept a water hose and buckets nearby to cool off with it.  PhototasticCollage-2016-07-08-15-10-11~~~~~~~~~~~~

Over the 4th of July we went to visit friends in IA. So here are a few random pictures of that. They have 8 children, so there isn’t a lack of friends to play with. Kianna LOVED swinging. I had her in the Ergo swinging as high as I could, and she loved every second of it. She loves thrills. (Riding 4-wheeler is also high on her list of fun things to do!)PhototasticCollage-2016-07-08-13-50-01Kianna had a little friend- Luanna who is 13 mths. They played together very well. PhototasticCollage-2016-07-08-13-42-47We are so blessed, friends & family, good health, and a God who loves us!!

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