The Aggravating thing about Flies

Life on the farm comes with it’s bad side! The bad side of FLIES!! And the many, many offspring they produce in a single yr. I hate spray and the bad chemicals in them. It does get used in the barn, but I won’t use it close to my house. Especially knowing my littles would be around it, touching the things it’s sprayed on, etc. So what’s a person to do when your main door is on the west side that faces the barn. (In case you don’t know, that’s the favorite side for a fly to sit on. It’s warm and sunny.)

7 July 16.jpg

Part of the nastiness of my siding, but not the worst of it.

So… the siding of the house is very, well, um, decorated in undesirable fly droppings. My mother-in-law has lived on a farm all her life. And I knew she has tried many, many things to get it off. But was never very successful. So I didn’t bother trying. 1. Because it was so high to reach. 2. I didn’t have the time or energy. 3. I didn’t know what to use. 4. It wasn’t something people noticed right away when they visited. BUT last fall, we built a deck. Put in a new door, all on the west/south side. Where do people walk? Right past my ‘decorated’ siding. It was nasty!! But I didn’t know what to use.

Finally, I decided I would just scrub. It would HAVE to come off. Yeah, you should have heard the flies laughing at me!! But I wasn’t going to give up. So, world wide web to the rescue. Ha. Almost a NOT!!! All I was finding was ideas to use Dawn dish soap. I mean seriously!! Dawn might be good, but not THAT good!!! I never bothered to even try it. I had tried something more powerful than that, so I knew Dawn would never do anything. Only one place did I see the idea to use OxiClean. I decided to give it a try!! I had run out, so I picked some up the next time I went shopping. The next day I wet a small area of the siding and sprinkled it with the powder. I just wanted to see if it would actually work. Well, most of the day passed before I got back out there to scrub. And what do you know… that whole area came clean with a minimal amount of elbow grease. I was hooked!!!

I went right back out after supper and scrubbed that wall!! Rylen had seen a bit of what I was doing & was loving the results as much as I was. So he worked on the area under the window. And he did a fabulous job too!!! I just put a generous amount of OxiClean in a bucket with water, and used a scrub brush. Wetting down a fairly large area. Then starting at the top worked my way down. It definitely needs to soak a bit before it comes off. But it was surprisingly easy!

20160714_172550After supper, he helped me some more and we did that whole wall. It looked amazing!!

Today, I finished up above the door & by the far window where I can reach. Also a bit on the south side. It doesn’t look near so bad over there. But I still need to do the south side by the garage door. I need a ladder for that. I also scrubbed chairs & some railing.

Oh, it looks so delightful & inviting now!!20160715_154447I do have one secret weapon that works pretty good. Or at least discourages the masses. See that water bag? I have 3 of them out there. There is a couple pennies in each. It has some really good reviews online for such a thing. And I really do think it helps. Maybe not 100%, but it sure helps!


And that far wall is where I can’t reach. Where I need a ladder. I’ll tackle it one day, just not now. Don’t you love my chair though? One of our renters left on the burn pile and I nabbed it. It sat in front of the barn for a while, but now I enjoy it by my door.

And that my friends, is my shameless plug for OxiClean!! I think it’s my new favorite cleaner!!


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