I Have Hope



Where do the brokenhearted go
To find a comfort for their pain
So many hurting need to know
The hope there is in Jesus’ name
I tried to make it on my own
I kept on drifting far away
But now I finally have a home
In Jesus love I’ll always stay

I have joy in the time of sorrow
I have peace in the raging storm
I have faith that Jesus holds tomorrow
I have hope, I’m resting in His arms

I’ll carry on ’til Jesus comes
Though trials and snares may come my way
And by His strength the race I’ll run
And by His grace these words I say

He said He’d never leave me, never let me go
No matter what may come, this one thing I know



Source of pictures top bottom

I have been listening to this song on the CD Road Less Traveled by the Stutzman Sisters here.

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