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Healthy Happy Moms with Plexus

Are you a Mom struggling with your health? Struggling to have enough energy to get through your day? I was there once myself!! And I thought I’d share a few stories of others who have had their lives changed because … Continue reading

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Do I Still Have Lyme??…

It is a question I get asked, and asked a lot!! There is no easy answer, neither is there a short answer. So I’ll try to tell what I see happening and update you all in my health since I … Continue reading

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The Cow in the Oven & Other Random Tails…

One day Collin was pulling his lunch from the oven, and for some reason Rylen had thrown a small plastic cow at Collin at the same time. It hit him on his head and of course went right into the … Continue reading

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Feeling Incredibly Thankful and Blessed

There are times you wonder if God really is working… I mean, others tell you they see changes, see growth, see progress. And it is so encouraging! But when you are the parent it is hard to see your child’s … Continue reading

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Can I Be A Child? With No Fear?

Lots of thoughts have been rolling through my head… so much to learn. So much to think about. So much to grow in. So much I see needing done in my own life, not to mention the lives of my … Continue reading

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Whose Goals? Mine or God’s?

Ever since I have read about this in a book, it has been going round and round in my head and I can’t stop thinking about it. Which is a good thing. And I decided to try and share it … Continue reading

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::Sharing my Heart::

It has been on my heart for a while now, and I really felt God ask me to write last wk, but it some how never got done. For one I am not sure how to say what I am … Continue reading

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Living, Loving Life Again – Because of Plexus

I love being able to read stories like this… and from people I actually know. Kathy is a local friend of mine that suffered with lyme disease. This is her story… “HAVE YOU BEEN WONDERING WHY I AM THAT ‘CRAZY … Continue reading

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Better Than My Best

I prayed for strength, and then I lost awhile All sense of nearness, human and divine; The love I leaned on failed and pierced my heart, The hands I clung to loosed themselves from mine; But while I swayed, weak, … Continue reading

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Queen of the Home on Amazon & A Giveaway

‘In past generations, the role of wife and mother was viewed as a sacred calling. The committed homemaker was seen as strong, capable, intelligent, and irreplaceable. She was regarded not only as a crucial part of the home, but as … Continue reading

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