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God’s Promises Never Fail

We have had a lot of rainbows this spring. And it goes without saying, they are SO PRETTY!!! My only problem is, they are so close I can’t get the whole thing on one picture! This one last night was … Continue reading

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The long awaited trip is now history. Why do fun adventures seem to take forever to arrive, and then are done and past in the blink of an eye? We had been planning this fun get-away for about 2 mths. … Continue reading

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A Crazy Bit of Our Life, In Pictures

I know I could say this every time I post… and I probably about do. But where, oh, where does time go?? This is the easiest way to update our life right now. So enjoy the pictures… I know I … Continue reading

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~Our Flower~

Kianna Rose joined our family on Oct. 11th, 2015, at 4:05am, Weighing 8lb 4oz, 2o.5in long. We promptly fell in love!! Kianna means – Living in God’s grace Rose – Fragrant flower Her name has special meaning to us. At … Continue reading

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The Cow in the Oven & Other Random Tails…

One day Collin was pulling his lunch from the oven, and for some reason Rylen had thrown a small plastic cow at Collin at the same time. It hit him on his head and of course went right into the … Continue reading

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Feeling Incredibly Thankful and Blessed

There are times you wonder if God really is working… I mean, others tell you they see changes, see growth, see progress. And it is so encouraging! But when you are the parent it is hard to see your child’s … Continue reading

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Random Fall Update & Lots of Pictures

Time for another picture post, mainly for my sis again. But you all can enjoy them too. We now have 2 birthdays in the fall close together. Seems we like to do things by 2’s. Collin & Rylen’s birthdays are … Continue reading

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Brother’s for Keeps

A boy is the only thing that God can use to make a man. -Unknown ::Collin Wade:: 9 yrs I so rarely can get a picture of him smiling while showing his teeth. Even though the sun is really bright, … Continue reading

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Karson Emmett!! So I know this is way over due!!! I mean he is 5mths old after all, but nothing has been said about him on my blog. He is our special, unexpected, miracle blessing!!! And has been a joy … Continue reading

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Our summer plans changed slightly, ok, a lot, when we found out I was pregnant. We had tentative  plans for a trip out west. I knew that with my other pregnancies, I can’t sit for long periods of time. And … Continue reading

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