Our Lyme Journey

I found out on Oct. 7th, 2010, that I have Chronic Lyme Disease. This is my journey to healing and wellness. I am sure I will make mistakes along the way, but all I can do is try and do my best while trying. (6-’11, I am working on a ‘report’ of everything I have learned, have done, am doing, etc concerning Lyme. Hopefully in a fews weeks it will be done. But it takes time to compile everything in my brain, plus know what to add and what to leave out.)

But before all that, you may want to know the story leading to this journey…

Our Journey to Wellness – It started when our oldest was 9mths and began holding his breath. And not in a controling manner. We discovered milk was a huge problem!!

Our Diet Change Going gluten, yeast, sugar and milk free

The First 2 Weeks– Making it through our diet change!!

-And then we find out I have Lyme-

Lyme According to Me-A brief run down of what Lyme is and what I am facing.

Test Results– My feelings when I found out.

Who Am I?? -Lyme affects the brain and it has mine.

Just Blessed -Counting some blessings in the middle of discouragements

We STILL Eat!! -Some have wondered what foods we do eat, here’s your answers.

The Good Side -The benefits we are seeing from Our Diet Change.

Visit With the Doc Nov. 17th

Where Does Time Go??  Dec. Lyme Update

Lyme Update -Jan ’11

Let Go and Let God -I’m still learning to just let it all go…

Florida Bound – How God opened the doors for me to go to FL

Cleansing in Florida -Update on my treatments in FL -Feb. ’11

Randomness from Loneliness -My days alone, in FL, after my Mom and baby left for my Grandpa’s funeral.

Life is Good!!! Update after 2wks of being home from FL.

Lyme Notes— Just more things I have been finding out -4-’11

Does Jesus Care?? – Struggling with being a Mom when I feel worn out

The Roller-Coaster I Call Life – Lyme/family update -Sept. ’11

I’m Still Here… Lyme Update 11 – ’11 Plans for going to FL and starting antibiotics

Attack!! Attack!!! I started Antibiotics

Lyme Basics and Resourses for Info – Lots of links and link to ‘Under Our Skin’ a very good video on lyme

Lyme Life… Update – I am very weak, can hardly walk.

Lyme Dr., Diets, Carts and Christmas – Random Dec. update

Florida + Lyme Treatments + Submissive Wife = Happiness I am going to FL, Jan 9-21

Time For An Update – Oct. ’12

The Liver {Our Filter} – Info on the importance of the liver.

How to Do A Liver Flush

A Post in Which I try to Recap 4-5 Mths –  A live Blood Analysis – April, ’13

One BLESSED Week – April ’14



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