Homemaking Tips


Entry Closet Re-Do – How I re-did my hall/entry closet

Flowerbed Make-over

Fruit Fly Trap Using something you already have in your kitchen!

My Garden-2010  ‘Using Mulch as a weed barrier’

Planning “Starts with getting up”

Preparing for Sunday ‘Starts on Sat. night’

Back to Eden – A film on gardening God’s way. A simple method without a lot of work and huge results!! Worth the 1+hrs to watch!!

Stuffed Suitcase??  ‘How I get lots in a small space’

Time  “Do we have enough?”

Baby Ideas

Diaper Rash Helps

The Fun of Potty-Training – How I potty train my boys

No More Nuk – How I get rid of nuks around here

Cleaning Tips

Laundry Tips Part 1 ‘Joy of Hanging wash’

Laundry Tips Part 2 ‘Homemade Laundry Soap’

Laundry Tips Part 3 ‘Stain Removers’

Laundry Tips Part 4 ‘Benefits of Vinegar’

Laundry Tips Part 5 ‘How to keep your clothes from fading’

Laundry Tips Part 6 ‘Cleaning a Wash Machine’ in a yucky place, I didn’t know about!!

Laundry Tips Part 7 – ‘Non Absorbent Towels’ Stripping them to get the absorbency back. And the dangers of chemicals in commercial laundry soaps and softeners.

Trash Can Tips ‘Storing liners in your trash can’

Vinegar and Baking Soda Unclog What??

Mr. Clean  ‘Cleaning Marker off a counter top’

Homeschool Ideas

Homeschool Planner Link  – To make your own homschool planner/binder

Frugal Party Ideas

Spring Party -It was a Secret Sister Revealing, flowers/gardening the theme.


2 Responses to Homemaking Tips

  1. Laura Gingerich says:

    Love to read your blog about your life ….like the butterflies one.
    When leaving CA number of years ago,we were going down into dessert,we ran into a bunch of monarch butterflies.they just hung onto our camper for a while,some died hanging on,my camera didn’t work so no pictures…

    • tenderherb says:

      Thanks, Grandma!! Seeing all the butterfly’s go south is something I’d love to see! It’s too bad you didn’t have a working camera!!! That would have been something awesome to capture on photos.

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