Recipes In My Kitchen

*All things herbal, such as tea mixes, tincture how-to’s, making your own lotions, laundry soap, etc are all over on the Natural & Herbal for Home and Body page.

Food changes…

Ahhh, a New Cookbook!!! -One that has recipes without sugar, white flour, or artificial additives!! ‘Healthy Choices’

Is Your Flour Wet?? – A free e-book you can download with soaked, sprouted or sourdough recipes. Good stuff in there.

It Takes Baby-Steps… -to do a diet change! Don’t try it overnight…

Freezer Cooking – My first time!!

Here are recipes found on my blog, recipes I use and love. *Please note that not all these recipes follow what we eat now. I had posted some before we made our diet changes. They were favorites of ours, so I will leave them here. Maybe one day I’ll revamp them so we can eat them again. But until then, if you make them and like it, enjoy it for us. They are marked with ‘*’.

Fun Meal Ideas & Food Tips

How to Easily Peel Fresh Hardboiled Eggs
Campfire/Camping Recipes -Post of links for sites with Campfire Recipes!!
Trash Can Meal  A fun campfire meal in a trash can


Baked Oatmeal
Blueberry Pancake Topping – GF and Sugar free
Buckwheat Pancakes – GF and SF
Cinnamon Rolls*
Granola – Gluten Free options
Homemade Granola*
Ocean Cake – Not totally GF, but you could easily use use oat flour
Soaked Granola – Very good, almost like my own original with natural sweeteners
Whole Wheat Pancakes
Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread -Our favorite bread recipe!!!


Aunt Evelyn’s Whole Wheat Bread*
Homemade Whole Wheat Noodles
Homemade Bisquick Mix*
Awesome Sourdough Rolls
Whole Wheat Sour Dough Bread – My favorite
Whole Wheat Soaked Pizza Crust

Main Dishes

Rosemary Potatoes AKA ‘Our Favorite Potatoes’
Sloppy CornBread Muffins – My cornbread recipe and a way to make a yummy sloppy joe/cornbread combo


Barbequed Green Beans*
Savory Rice Pilaf


Mom’s Chili Soup* – Now I would make it without the brown sugar
Taco Soup


Mom’s Banana Pudding Dessert *
Rhubarb Cream Pie – Naturally Sweetened
Pumpkin Cake – We love it!!
Whole Wheat Chocolate Cake and Sugar Free Icing – Collin makes my birthday cake

Dressings, Sauces and Misc.

Herb Seasoning Mix – Personal Favorite!!!
Honey French Dressing Recipe – A favorite with friends and family!
Italian Dressing – GF and Sugar Free I don’t care for this one anymore
Creamy Italian Dressing – I finally found an Italian Dressing recipe I love!!!
Making Kefir
Making Yogurt


Cashew Crunch Recipe (Candy) -Sugar Free and SOOOO GOOD!!!!
Chocolate Syrup*
Fiber Balls -And more no-bake quick recipes
Homemade Venison Jerky Recipe
Lois’ Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies – Whole wheat or Spelt Flour
Make Your Own Larabar’s – Simple and so good. Only 2 ingredients.
Simple Granola Bars -Can be made GF
Whole Wheat Graham Crackers
Zucchini Oatmeal Cookies – Very, very good!!


Yummy Butternut Squash

Preserving for Winter

Apple Butter – Simple and Sugar Free
Dilly Beans – or ‘Pickled Green Beans’ to can. A favorite around here.
Garden Tea – Freezing tea leaves for winter use
Strawberry Season – How I slice berries with a food processor for freezing

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