A List in progress… (Posting these links does not imply that I endorse everything they post. I have just been blessed by what they have shared on their blog.)

Places I like to swap my books and Dvd’s-

Here is my post about SwapaDVD.

Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.

Paperbackswap is a great place to swap books. I have received and sent many books!!! It’s a great place to add to your library and at the same time get rid of books you may no longer want. You can read a bit more about it here.

Seeds of Deception  A post linking to some video’s about GM (Genetically Modified) foods, and the dangers they pose to our bodies.

Food Matters – Another video about our food. ‘We are what we eat!!’

Mountain Rose Herbs-The place I order my herbs, Shea Butter, ect from. (Things I use to make my own lotion.) They have great prices and great products!! I’ve heard that their coconut oil price is the best too. So far I’ve not really priced it all out, nor have I made the leap into using that full-time.

Bulk Herb Store-The place I order most of my Herbs from. They have good products as well.

B & W Salve-One place I have found to buy B & W online. I had to look for a while before I found this. The prices seem about right. But I’m not sure on the shipping.

Book-It – Pizza Hut Homeschool Reading Program-Free Pizza as Prize.

Info on a Free E-book- on Bath & Products here.

Homeschool Freebie of the Day– Every day they post some freebie, you can sign up for a weekly email so you know what’s coming that week. I’ve gotten a number of great downloads…

Free Adventures in the Holy Bible & dramatized CD’s

Well Tell Me – A place for lots of info, on the natural side of life – Mostly. You can find lots of info there, on many, many things!!! It’s a forum, so you can ask questions and give answers. I often forget about it, so don’t use it nearly enough!

Cultured Food Recipes – Rejoice In Lots of recipes and info on real food.

Blogs that Inspire Me

1). Natural Living Blogs

Passionate Homemaker
‘Loving simple and natural living on a budget’
Heavenly Homemaker
‘Making our Homes Heavenly…Striving for our Heavenly Homes’
The Prudent Homemaker
‘A prudent wife is from the Lord’
New Life On A Homestead
‘Our Familes Journey to Self Sufficiency’

2) Frugal Hackers Blogs

               ‘Helping you be a better home economist’
Commonsense with Money    ‘Better living through wiser spending’
               ‘Find your perfect Frugal Blog match’

3) Healthy Recipe Blogs

               ‘Serving the Lord with Gladness… In the Kitchen, in the Garden, with my Family’
               ‘Balancing God’s Gifts…One Baby Step at a Time’
               ‘Everyday Kitchen Inspiration’

4) Crafty Blogs

                ‘Delightful paper crafting confections’

5) Inspirational Blogs

               ‘A Place to Curl Up and Begin Your Day’

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