Where Does Time Go?

 Oh, yeah, I am raising 4 boys. I am a wife. We live on a dairy farm. We home-school. I wash dirty barn clothes every day. I feed half an army. I clean up messes all.day.long. I am just so thankful to once again feel good, to have the energy that I need to take care of my family.

For so many yrs it was so hard to basically watch life go by. And I felt like I was sitting on the sidelines watching my littles grow up without me. Now! I am doing life with them. I have a baby that for the first time wants his Mom over others!! Do you have any idea how good that makes me feel? Oh, he still enjoys being held by others, but he sure loves his Momma. And it does this Momma heart so much good. I had often wondered if I was a bad mom, that my babies didn’t care if they were with their Mom or some other person. But it was because I pushed them off on others so often, they didn’t have the strong mom bond. And don’t think they didn’t know who Mom was, they did!! They just didn’t mind having someone else comfort them. It didn’t have to be Mom. If someone else could do it for them or help them out, they didn’t bother with asking me. I often felt like I wasn’t real important in their lives.I can see it changing.

Ok, so I didn’t intend to share all that… it is just something that has been blessing me. Even though it ties me down a bit more. I wanted to be able to nurse my baby longer this time, and we have done that now. I still have a really hard time leaving my baby behind for more than a few hrs!! But I am enjoying every minute of it! Plexus has changed me life!!!

So this will be largely a picture post… mostly for a sister who is gone for 3 mths. And is missing her nephews… And they are missing her!! They love their Aunt Sara, and often ask when she will be back home. Christmas will be special for more than one reason this year!!


Doing peaches. You wanna try that?


Wearing big brother’s Logger’s shirt.


Multi-tasking – Napping & babysitting


Work begins on our house roof.


Rylen waited a long time to finally get to go up on the roof with his dad!! He delighted in looking down from the peak!


A bad picture of it nearly done. We love the new look. And I don’t have to mow shingles anymore!!


Our ‘new’ schoolroom. I got a table to put in the office and moved all the school supplies back here. I fought it for a long time. Feeling like I should move it out of the kitchen, but liked being out there where everything is happening. But since moving, we are loving it. Way less distractions!! And my work is out of sight and I can focus better too.


We got together at the park for some fun field games of kick ball, red-rover and SPUD. Karson loved running around the bases with me and pitching the ball.


Aunt June stopped in with her new puppy. Instant hit with the kids!!


Happy baby in the fall sunshine.


Dreaming of the day he will get to play ball too. Just over a wk and he will have his first birthday!!

We did it

So this picture is tacky, and whatever… but this is my besty and our first pallet project!! We had fun, but no one told us how hard pallets are to rip apart. Next time we are gonna use a sawsall!!!

Anyway, there’s your little update from my corner of the world!!

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Brother’s for Keeps

A boy is the only thing that God can use to make a man. -Unknown

IMG_5367::Collin Wade:: 9 yrs

IMG_5377 I so rarely can get a picture of him smiling while showing his teeth. Even though the sun is really bright, I L.O.V.E. this picture!!IMG_5382::Jevan Lee:: 6 1/2 yrs (He was not into pictures. So I only got this and the one with Karson below, that I love!) IMG_5391::Rylen David::  5yrs (This was the best one, until I got some more right as it was getting dark, so added them in below.) IMG_5401 ::Jevan & Karson:: These two are alike, and Collin and Rylen are alike. I say ‘alike’ loosely, as they all ‘look alike’ according to everyone else. But they definitely have their things more in common with one brother more than another.IMG_5406::Karson Emmett:: 7mths Time is just flying by!!! And he is growing up so fast. He finally decided he can roll, and now gets around way more. The other day, Jevan was trying to help him get up on his hands & knees. I think that will come soon enough!! IMG_5409 ::Between the innocence of babyhood and the dignity of manhood, we find a delightful creature of a boy.:: -Author UnknownIMG_5411 I just love my dear little man!!! He has been my happiest baby, most content, and very easy going.IMG_5475 Rylen, he has this goofy grin when you tell him to smile. It’s so not real, and hard to get a good picture of him. So these two pictures made me really happy!! Even though he has a dirty face, from having roasted hotdogs for supper and then ‘playing’ with the fire. And two long scratches down his face from a chicken being thrown at him by a brother. Never know what stories those boys will come in with. IMG_5476Today I looked out to see the chickens running free in the yard. I asked Rylen later why they were out. ‘They needed their exercise’. Hmm. We just built a fence for them to be outside, but not freely roaming. And it is plenty big. They are having a hard time adjusting to being penned up, so we left them out to ‘exercise’ last evening. They must have sweetly asked Rylen to let them out again this morning. boys14

A brother shares his childhood memories and grown-up dreams. -Anonymous

And last but not least, one of all 4 boys!!! Love it when I can get a good picture, without editing someone. I am loving this stage/age of boys. I think I say that every year. But I am enjoying them as they are growing up. Even the harder parts of working with a 9yr old as he grows and matures and we need to relate to him in a new way.

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Lovin’ these Spring Days!!!

A huge picture post… Mostly from the month of May, but a few from April too. We are sure glad to see spring again and enjoy the warm sunshine, spring breezes, birds singing and birthdays!!!

Rylen learned to ride his bike the end of April. And I finally was able to get pictures of one of my boys riding for the first time without training wheels. The other two did it on their own and informed me later. He is quite happy with himself!!

rybike2Collin’s 9th birthday was May 3rd. He has dreamed and waited for this day for soooo long. And I am wondering how it is that I have a child in his last yr before hitting the big ’10’, double digits!!!

CollinThe boys found my old camera, and have enjoyed taking many pictures (when the thing works properly). Here Jevan is taking one of Karson. IMG_4193Karson’s favorite way to sit, he often is balancing on his butt. It’s sorta hard to tell it in the picture, but it’s about the best I can do to show it. He likes to put both hands out and twist his wrist, like you would rev a motorcycle. So we often tease him he is driving his cycle again.

IMG_4794I have gotten many interesting pictures of the ways these boys listen to stories on tape/cd. This is another one. They even stuck Karson down in the chair to protect him from flying ‘bullets’, when they play with their nurf guns.

IMG_4832Water picture of Karson in the sink. I had gotten some cute pictures of Rylen in this sink. And when a photo challenge came with ‘water’ I had to try it again. I loved the results.

IMG_4857Dry cows enjoying the warm sunshine.

IMG_5001A favorite book of all the boys when they were younger. Karson loves it too!

IMG_5018Maple leaves. It is so lovely watching the hills take on a lovely green hue!!!

IMG_5022Rylen turned 5 on the 16th. He is into horses and hockey right now. So he got a hockey cake. It was so hard deciding which he wanted!!

IMG_5150The birthday boy and his favorite little brother!! (Who looks a bit starstruck.)

IMG_5172My hubby giving directions to the boys out the window. (I was out trying to get pictures (photo challenge) of the cows looking out the window. They were not cooperating, so thought I would at least have this if nothing else.)

IMG_5206Collin was so nice in helping me, he brought a newborn calf through the barn and out under the window. Dad helped him on his way through the barn.

IMG_5229It worked, it made the cow and heifer look out the window!!

IMG_5257And then I had fun getting my window picture… The next two were my favorites.

IMG_5252But this is the one I used.

window jtThen Collin led the calf to the calf shed, and it’s new pen. He was ‘maaah’-ing and the calf just followed him. I love watching the boys work with animals and seeing their gentle sides come out.

IMG_5263Playing in the hay field. They were soon told to quit!! As they were having fun running and then laying in it, making lots of tracks. We will soon be doing hay. And yes, it’s not the best picture, I was in the house. A long way from the field!!

IMG_5308Karson was super happy at lunch today…

IMG_5329Then we gave him this…

IMG_5339And he made this face…

IMG_5338He still loves us!!! If you look at the first picture, you can see his tooth and the 2nd almost through. I can’t wait til it finally comes in. He is not overly crabby, but just not himself and needs mom more.

This afternoon he was chatting with his Dad. He does not like when his Dad comes in the house and does not hold him or say anything to him.

IMG_5348Well, anyway… I had plans for keeping up with this blog better… but I am enjoying life so much!! And have so many things I’d rather do, like being outside for one. So, …til next time… have a great spring day!!!


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Plexus Info

Plexus Slim

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Spring Photo Update

So I started this post a few times already and now have to delete what I wrote and start over. {Again} I have been having a really good week again. And I feel so grateful and blessed once more. But now is a good time, I am feeling like a break. It feels so good to work all day. Without really taking any breaks. I just have this steady power of energy that just keeps me going, going, going. So the times of actually sitting down are kinda rare. Anyway… these are the pictures that go with last weeks post.

IMG_4251Collin was in our local Home School Choir this semester. Mon. April 7th was his Choir Program. He didn’t wannt go do it, but after the first few times, he was loving it. It helped that 5 of his cousins were there too. I didn’t get a good picture of him, and he wouldn’t let me take one of him with Miss Katie.

IMG_4246IMG_4270My cousin’s husband, who is also our Pastor, and very good friend. (This picture was just too good not to post.) Photo credit to my sis.

IMG_4290Each family was to make a Spring/Music center piece for a table. This was ours. The ‘grass’ is colored coconut.

IMG_4321My crazy kid… trying to go for a ride.

IMG_4320Gotta love living in ‘The Bicycle Capitol of the World’. We had a picnic in the park with a friend. Then headed to a family’s place to see their 6 lambs.

IMG_4337Rylen holding a ‘new friend’. By the time the visit was over, not sure the lambs considered the boys their friends though.

IMG_4335Collin, loving it… and dreaming of having his own ‘McDonald Farm’ one day. He wants goats and now sheep. He also dreams of steers, horses and whatever else has 4 feet.

IMG_4332One of the triplets. I couldn’t get all 3 in one picture, they were just too busy!!

IMG_4333These are the other 2 and their Momma.

IMG_4347Jevan enjoying a thrilling ride on their tire swing!!

IMG_4348IMG_4365Thursday evening we had a hotdog roast, just us! For the first time in a long, long time, maybe ever. Lots of fun memories made!!

IMG_4361Lots of hotdogs eaten.

IMG_4369My family… Love them!!

IMG_4367We ate lots of marshmallows… even with a 2 marshmallows/hotdog rule.

IMG_4408Then Saturday we went back to watch the sheep get sheared. And this time took my niece along to watch. It was a cold day!!

IMG_4393IMG_4401Rylen found a new game to play… hunker down in the far corner and wait for the lambs to come nuzzle him. They were separated from their Mom’s and feeling lonely.

IMG_4390Brooklyn enjoying a lamb.

IMG_4413A freshly sheered Momma, looking for her baby. And Collin trying to be helpful.

IMG_4378And just a random, fun farm picture… Our chicken eggs, in 3 sizes. Yes, that tiny egg is a chicken egg. And the long egg, is the longest one I’ve ever seen. It stuck way above the egg carton.

Wow, maybe I will actually get this posted before supper. The timer will go any time. And we will have pizza, applesauce and tea. It’s our traditional Saturday night supper.

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One BLESSED Week!!!

Not so long ago, I would plan my week very loosely. And not much in each day. If I had to run to town that is all I would do. If I did wash, that’s all I did. And many days my wash would not even get finished. If I needed to make extra food, that’s all I did. As in, doing more than a normal day of dishes, food making for survival, hopefully get the kitchen floor swept, etc. I think you get the picture. Even though in the past yr I have felt better than I had in the couple yrs previous, I still could not do a whole lot without wearing out. I just took it one day at a time.

Well, this week started out with a bang and just kept going, FULL BLAST!! And well, I just kept going with it and adding more and more. I kept waiting for a crash, but one hasn’t come yet. Every night I have gone to bed tired. But a good tired, like one of having worked hard and is just tired out. (Post coming up with LOTS of picture of our week!!)

Thurs evening, as I was lighting the fire in the fire pit outside for a hotdog roast with the boys, it suddenly hit me and I wanted to stand there and weep. (It still makes me emotional now as I write about it.) I realized just what I was doing, and doing because I FELT like doing it. Not doing it because I was tired of telling my boys ‘no’ for the 129th time. I also started singing and telling the boys, ‘I feel so good’! I wanna spend this time with you. I wanna doing things with you. I wanna make fun memories with you. I am tired of having to say ‘no’ because adding another thing in my day will just make it harder on me and wear me out so much.

So many days I wanted to cry, they would ask me for simple things, a hotdog roast, a bike ride, a walk, games in the evening, a fun snack, go somewhere fun, just whatever, and I couldn’t do it without being so worn out I could hardly make supper. Or do some other needed activity. I felt like I was robbing the boys of memories they deserved to have. I felt so guilty in not being the mom they needed.

As they were growing up physically and emotionally, I watched as I was not able to correct and train in the ways they needed. I did what I could, but many times had to turn away. I had not the energy to run after a disobedient child, or the energy to deal with a strong willed attitude. I had to pick and choose my battles, and many times I didn’t bother to fight. Is it easy saying this stuff? No, I wanna go delete what I have written. I don’t like admitting I failed. I know I probably could have done better in some areas. But then came the inconsistencies. Some days I would have energy to train and other days none at all, so they got by with more things. It was a struggle for me and confusing for them.

A week ago I ordered some charts for training, and it has been a life safer. I really think it would have worked when I wasn’t feeling good. But I didn’t think about using them, even though I had known about them. I didn’t know they would be so good. For each ‘crime’ there is a Bible verse and then a consequence. We (Delvyn & I) chose what it would be. Now, if they commit the offense, we can look at the chart and they know what is coming.

And I will say, it’s not been the easiest week of our lives, as we re-establish order and discipline in our home. But peace is beginning to reign once again. I am seeing the fruits of the labor. Although I know it’s not all done yet, more like just beginning in a lot of ways.

As I can do more work WITH them, and not always try to make them do things. They are enjoying life better too. Learning to work together better, and enjoy working. Not feeling put out because Mom isn’t working but making them work.

Many days or should I say nights, I would lay in bed and wrestle with this whole thing. Crying out to God, as to why He would allow me to be ‘sick’ at this stage of life. When my boys needed me, my husband needed a supportive wife, when I had so many things I wanted to do and could not do it. Or I could do it, then my family would pay by having their Mom crash for days afterward. I know God had a reason for this, or allowed it for a reason. I may never understand the why’s, but I really don’t need to.

But now after this past week, I feel hope. I have literally been doing 2-4 BIG things every day!! And still going… I feel so good. I feel so alive. My brain doesn’t feel bogged down and so muddled when I have a bunch of things going. I can do last minute things and not feel out of control. I feel like I can just breeze through the day. And many times stopping and Thanking God for giving me my life back!! Many times I stop and ‘look at myself’ wondering who I really am, thinking, ‘Do I even know you? Where did you come from? And please, even though I don’t know you so well, please don’t go away again!!! I want to get to know this new you!’

Will I still have bad days? Probably. We all do. And really, I told my hubby the other day that I almost miss those ‘do-nothing-days’. I didn’t feel guilty for sitting at the computer, or for reading books as I didn’t have energy to be doing anything else anyway. Now, if I sit too long I feel edgy and have to go do something. Many times I wondered if I was addicted to FB or reading blogs and such. But on my feel-good-days, they were the last things on my mind, so I knew I really wasn’t. And it’s been that way now. I don’t feel the need for those ‘breaks’.

God is so good!! He has answered my prayers in ways I never dreamed! And I am still watching them unfold before me. And I can’t wait to see what all He has in store in this next chapter of my life. I am still learning to just trust Him, resting in His will, waiting for Him to lead each step.

And as I go, I will keep sharing what has made this huge health change for me – Plexus!!! It has done more then balance my blood sugar levels and then balanced my body. It has changed my life!!! I will never be without my little pink drink!!

If you want to learn more, ask me. Here is a link to my website- Plexus. Go check it out.

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Plexus Slim Has Changed My Life…

plexusslim_logo I know it is LONG past due for a health type update from me… so where do I start? Guess I’ll just recap my whole story and try to keep it short and to the point. There are a lot of post on my blog explaining our journey, so if you want more details on a certain point, there is a good chance I have written more about it. Here is the link to all my posts about our lyme journey.

My health began declining right over the time I got married. I had some skin issues a few years before I got married and now know it had to do with my internal health. I got mono a week or 2 before my wedding. Talk about being a zombie bride, but I just thought it was stress and all that with a wedding. We didn’t find out it was mono until 2 mths later.

Then in the course of time, I had 2 miscarriages, and a LOT of research was started. Progesterone cream helped me carry 3 babies to term. But each was not without it’s struggles, and pain. Each baby had issues related to poor gut health, but I didn’t understand that at the time. Collin’s breath-holding spells, Jevan’s collic, and Rylen’s yeast rashes (they all actually had that). For me, after each baby was born, I had a harder time bouncing back. And I would have bad hip pain that got worse with each pregnancy, until the last one, it never really went away. And after Rylen I really just never got my energy back.

Thus began a new chapter in our life. A friend help me realize I was dealing with lyme in Aug ’10. A BIG disease with no clear-cut answer to get better. We began by changing our diet, confirming it was lyme, and beginning natural ways of dealing with the lyme spirochetes, candida, and ‘cleaning house’. We even tried antibiotics for a couple months, but I felt sooo nasty (not just physically, but emotionally) and we decided that was not the route for us.

We stuck with natural, herbal things, like tinctures, cleanses, and eating properly. I would make progress, then slide back again. It was discouraging a lot of days. I would have days of feeling good, then many days of not feeling good.

Then right before our 10th anniversary, in the middle of doing more intense cleanses, killing lyme, etc, God gave us an unexpected blessing!! I discovered I was carrying a new life… and all that I was doing to try and gain my health back, had to come to a screeching halt. Not to mention, I was not on my progesterone cream, and was scared to just jump on it. So we decided to see what God had in mind and what my body was capable of doing. In other words, had all that I had been doing since fall of ’10 been doing me any good?? (Seems a bit harsh, but it was what we felt God was asking of us.)

About a month later, I found out I also had adrenal fatigue and the lady who was helping me with that said she could not help until I was done nursing. In other words not for another 1.5-2 yrs!!! I felt pretty discouraged after that!!

My summer was ok, after I got over the 1st trimester ‘ughs’. I didn’t have lots of extra energy, but I had enough to get me through and do what I needed to do. But I was really dreading the hip pain. And up until July or so, I had been keeping it at a minimum. But knew the last trimester is the worse. I just really dreaded August-October. (I was due Oct 25th.)

Then, my friend who has helped me on my whole journey with lyme, told me about a new product she was on, in Aug, Plexus Slim. We were sorta at a point of being tired of trying new things, having things work for a while, spending $$ and not having long term results. So it took her a bit to convince me to try it. The main pull to try it was the fast relief, and the relief from pain that a lot of people were saying they had.

So we tried that first, and started the slim as soon as I got it, in mid Sept. Within a couple wks I was having minimal pain in my hips, sleeping so much better at night, and beginning to feel like I could cope with life and what it threw at me!!

By the 2nd week in Oct. I was like a person nesting, which I am sure it partly was!! But this was the first time I could actually do something about it, and with TONS of energy behind it!! And believe me… I was like a fireball!! (Umm, mean-grean-cleaning-machine!!) Since I had been so un-energetic for soooo long, I had many, MANY corners who needed cleaned out!! And now, I finally had energy to do something about it. My house was fairly smiling!!

And then so was I, when my baby decided to show up almost a wk early!! And in a BIG hurry!! He beat the midwife here.  My post postpartum was much better than my other 3. I recovered much faster, had more energy and could cope with life. Even with all the changes of messed up nights, adjusting to a new baby routine, etc. I really dreaded those first months after I was due. I didn’t know how I was gonna handle it all. I knew my body would crash, and crash hard! But I NEVER did!! I was on a slow roller coaster ride Plthat didn’t have those highs with hard crashes. My life was just all even-ing out.  I still had my days or even wks at a time where I felt sluggish, but nothing like I used to have.

And I know it was because I was detoxing, rebuilding my body and just healing from the inside out. I have been dealing with the candida, and rebuilding the good gut flora. I just feel soooo much better all over. I can face life again. I don’t get overwhelmed when my plate begins to get full. I sleep good at night, even though it is so chopped up, and I may lose many hrs of sleep. I will still wake feeling refreshed and ready for a new day. (Most times!! There are those moments…)

I just can’t stop thanking God enough!! My prayers have been answered and I can once again be the wife and mother He wants me to be.

(I will post more about Plexus, for those interested later. For now, you can check out my website here.)

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Karson Emmett!!

Karson  1

So I know this is way over due!!! I mean he is 5mths old after all, but nothing has been said about him on my blog. He is our special, unexpected, miracle blessing!!! And has been a joy in our home every day since he was born!! And we can not imagine life without him!!

He was born Oct 18th, 9 minutes after midnight. And after only 3 hrs of really active labor. Shocking for me!! My labors have all been much longer. So that being the case, we didn’t call the midwife until almost 12 am. And of course she didn’t make it. So Karson was born into my arms, in a big hurry, and a big way! He weighed in at 8.14lbs!! Which was a shock to me. I wasn’t really expecting a big baby. And he has never slowed down since!!

I really think he is just trying to catch up to his 3 older brothers. He watches every move they make and delights in playing with them.  And so far he is keeping up with them, in reaching milestones around the same time. Like sitting up at 4 1/2mths.

brothers50IMG_2212{Awww, looking at these newborn pics makes me want my tiny baby back!! He grew up way too fast!! I was trying to enjoy every moment of it. And I think I did. But when you have 3 other boys, plus teaching school, the days seem to fly by!!}

karson 6wks smKarson at 6wks.

family13 8x10 smThis was our Christmas picture. Collin – 8, Jevan – 6, Rylen – 4 and Karson 1 mth.

k3At 3 mths.

karson 5mths smallAnd these are the most recent. I just took them last week, at 5 mths old. (Believe me, I could post a whole pile more. But I have to stop somewhere.)

Karson has been my happiest, bubbliest baby. And so content. He patiently waits for his meals, naps and whatever. He plays happily for long periods of time. Yes, I am blessed! {Until it comes to night time. He is my first baby that likes to sleep with mom most of the night. He sleeps, but just likes to ‘snack’ all night long. So I keep him beside me, so we both get some sleep.}

Anyway, just had to share my baby with you!! Even if it is mostly through pictures. Now I need to go get some work done while the other 3 are outside. Today is colder again, with sunshine, snow and my wash merrily dancing on the line.

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Time to Dust Off the Blog

So I pick up this blog, like an old rug that has been laying around for far too long, grab a hold of the sides and give it a firm shake. I watch all the dust fly around, and carefully lay it back down. I really do hope I don’t neglect this blog so long again. In fact that is part of the reason I haven’t picked it back up again. I am scared I won’t keep up with posting regularly. But here it goes… I really enjoy blogging, but so much has happened in the past yr and a half. I didn’t know what to post. And now I don’t know where to start, so I won’t try to cover it all.

Life has its rough spots, its dry spells, and I was in one of those times. In some ways I don’t feel like I am totally out of the ‘desert’, but I am beginning to see a brighter, more colorful world again. It’s hard to share and give of ones’ self, even in a small way on a blog, when I feel dry and empty inside. It’s hard to explain where I was, and what all I have learned. I do know one thing, God is GOOD, ALL the TIME!!!

He has shown me so many things, and I know HE is there even when I don’t always feel Him near. I am learning to trust Him new ways. Learning about relationships, and my role in them as well. Some day’s it still feels so hard, and like I still have a long, long ways to go. So I try not to look at the long picture, or even look at what all I need to do right now. Just take one day at a time. I can get overwhelmed easily when I try to bite off more than I can chew.

All I am hoping for right now is to be able to post a bit more often, we will see where it goes. It may be fairly often at first, as I have things to post. But who knows…

All I do know, is right now, I WANT spring, er, summer!!! Spring is showing its face, in a slow way. But at least we are seeing spring!!

So here’s to a new ‘chapter’ on this blog. And if you are still here and have been patiently waiting on me, wow!! Good for you, and let me know you are here.

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Our summer plans changed slightly, ok, a lot, when we found out I was pregnant. We had tentative  plans for a trip out west. I knew that with my other pregnancies, I can’t sit for long periods of time. And in a vehicle it’s even worse.

So we made plans to do something close to home this summer. (Plus we hadn’t ever taken the boys to get their reward for following the GAPS diet so well in Jan.) We thought of doing a 2 night/3 day vacation in the Dells. But with all the farm related stuff happening around here, and being so busy we didn’t feel we should take off that long. So… ONE day it is!!

Our plans were for a relaxing, fun, family day! Not a pack in all you can, spend as much $$ as we can, party til we drop sorta day. And we did it!!!

First stop- WI Dells Deer Park

8 Aug 131

A place where you can feed and pet the deer. The boys loved it!!! Rylen soon discovered that his boots are noisy, and must walk quietly. (He had worn his cowboy boots.) And they all found out that it’s much better to walk slowly then rush at a deer to feed it, or they will then have NO deer to feed!! Of course they loved the goats, the pigs and admired the chickens. Duh!! Collin even had to feel a doe’s (goat) udder, just to compare it to a cow. (His dream is to have a milking goat one day.)

Next we headed for  a duck ride…

Ridin' the Ducks

Yes, they were all eyes and loved it too, especially the ‘splash down’ into the water. Jevan could have done that run a few times!! But it did sorta get long on the ride, looking at the rocks, scenery,  etc.

Then it was lunch time… And trying to find a place to eat there was sorta a joke, I had packed a picnic lunch, and we didn’t feel like chasing a park down. So we ended up just eating in an empty parking lot behind some stores/restaurants. The boys loved having space to just run and be boys!! Even eating, while laying on the floor of the van.

After lunch, we had some time to kill… and a number of options we could have done… So we let the boys pick what they wanted to do… a few rides or play putt-putt. Putt-putt was unanimous.

8 Aug 133

So putt-putt it was… and they had a BLAST!!! Delvyn and I let them play the hole first, then we took our turns keeping score for ourselves. Soon they were playing the hole ahead of us, and we moved fairly quickly. It was greatly amusing to watch their version of play. Rylen pretty much herded his ball to each hole. Jevan actually got a few hole-in-one, or else he sent them flying hither and yon. Collin went somewhere between real play and the boy’s version. The last few holes he did play with Delvyn and I and did really good. Just another sign of my little boy growing up!!

Then we didn’t really have time to anything and still make it to the Ski Show. So we found a little beach/picnic area and Jevan was the only one to brave it and go play in the water. Crazy kid, it was a very cool breezy day, barely getting above 75*. Delvyn and Rylen took naps and Collin and I just relaxed, watching Jevan. And then read our story book.

We headed for the Tommy Bartlett Ski, Sky and Stage Show then. It was almost the boy’s favorite part of the day… (they had a hard time picking at the end of the day when we asked them.)

8 Aug 134

It was fascinating to watch all the stunts and tricks these guys (& gals) did.

8 Aug 135

Rylen does not like clowns… And gladly sat on his Dad’s lap through most of it. I think by the end he realized it really wasn’t so bad. Collin sat at the edge of his seat through the whole thing.

Last stop – Supper- at Buffalo Phil’s!! The dream of the day!! They couldn’t wait for this stop to finally come!!

8 Aug 13

Train delivered food… What kid wouldn’t like that?!?!?!? We had to wait a half hr, because we did make reservations, others were waiting over an hr. The train went by often, and had different things on it each time! Once it was a bubble machine blowing bubbles at everyone as it went by. They couldn’t wait for our stuff to arrive each time. It sure is a great way to keep kids occupied during the ‘long’ wait for food!!

Then we headed home, making one last stop for an ice-cream cone. Each one had a different favorite, but they all loved each part of the day. And that is what matters most!! We enjoyed making family memories, just being together, and building relationships.

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