Our Family Life

Homeschool Learning
Learning Colors
Preschool Treasure Hunt
Homemade Humor
‘Where’s Bear?’   -Humorous story about Collin and his Bear.
Homemade Humor 1 These are a collection of the comical things the boys do and say…things I don’t wanna forget!!!
Homemade Humor 2
Homemade Humor 3
Homemade Humor 4
Homemade Humor 5
Homemade Humor 6
Homemade Humor 7
Homemade Humor 8
Homemade Humor 9
Family Fun The comic strips hanging on my fridge
3 is a Circus -Shopping with 3 boys
Selling Cookies and Filling Fountains
I’m Raising Farm Boys – How they play farm in my house
The Cow in the Oven & Other Random Tails… June ’15
Home Life- Family Updates
The First 2 Weeks– Making it through our diet change!!
Our Diet Change   Going gluten, wheat, yeast and milk free
Our Journey to Wellness    Started when Collin started having seizures
Visit with the Doc  Nov.17 -Time to start Lyme Treatment
Where does Time Go?  Just a random update 
THAT Kid and THOSE Chicks
A Chipped Elbow & An Unplanned Day – The day Rylen came home in a cast
6 Yrs Ago… Where does time go? – Collin turns 6.
Brush with disaster – Tornado comes through town
Fathers ABC’s – Fathers Day ’11
Happiness is…
Let’s Play Ball – July 4th
Puppies -1,2,3,4,5
When it’s HOT – We go swimming
My Merry Maids – My house gets cleaned – top to bottom by youth girls
Hershey Family Campout – Sept. ’11
The Wedding – My sis-in-law got married Oct. ’11
Photo’s of Florida – During two weeks of cleansing for lyme
A Father’s Love – God’s love for me, as my love for my son
Love Makes the World Go Around – Our Valentine picnic supper in the living room
Livingroom Redo – Painting orange/brown walls to a much calmer inviting brown/tan 

 Most of my updates are now filed under My Lyme Journey… it is my life for now.

 My Boys
A Boy & His Calf -Collin growing up
Be Sure Your Sins Will Find You Out – Candy thief
Dreaming of Farming– Jevan & Rylen on Grandpa’s tractor
Cousin Fun… -The Hershey side
‘Hand’some Fun -Pictures of Rylen in a sink, playing with water
Rylen-12mths -Beautiful Blue Eyes
There’s Boys in My House – Update pictures of Boys -11/10
I’m Raising Farm Boys – How they play farm in my house 9-’11
Psalm 23 – video of Collin quoting Ps 23 w/ a really lose front tooth
Our Love Story
How it all began Part 1
How it almost ended Part 2
How God worked and moved Part 3
How our hearts became one Part 4

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