Bulk Herbs, Supplements & More

The last few days I have had some ask me where I get my herbs, supplements, etc. So I thought I’d just share here with links, then those that need it or want it can find them easily.:)

For my vitamins and other herbal supplements I order most times through LuckyVitamin. And I pretty much stick with the NOW Foods Brand. If you are familiar with Beeyoutiful, a lot of their supplements are the same as Now Foods Brand supplements. They just have a different name, so you have to dig a bit to find the right one. Lucky Vitamin also has free shipping on orders over $100, I have a few friends around here that we often order together to hit that mark.

Iherb is another place to get cheap supplements. They have free shipping on orders over $20. But I often find Lucky Vitamin is just a tad cheaper, but with shipping it figures about the same. So it will depend if I have a $100 order or a smaller one.:)

Or if I need something quick and don’t have plans to order before long I will just pick up what I need at our co-op, even if it may cost a bit more.

Herbs – I order from 3 different places… depending what I need.:)

Mountain Rose Herbs is a very good place to get LOTS of different herbs. They have more herbs than a lot of other places, like the not so common ones. And they carry my ingredients for lotion making, tins for salves & other containers, and many different kinds of oils, including essential oils. I love their video’s on YouTube. (I’ll link later, for some reason my web security is not letting me link.)

Ameriherb is the cheapest place to order herbs from!! (That I have found.) You will need to call them from that link to set up your account and they will send you a catalog with prices. I haven’t set my own account up, as I have always ordered with my cousin. But they are the cheaper than Mountain Rose or Bulk Herb Store, although they don’t have as big a selection as the others.

Bulk Herb Store is the other place I order herbs through. Again, it just all depends on what I am needing or wanting. Each one has a few things the other doesn’t have that I use.:) Shoshanna also has great video’s about her products, and how-to’s in making herbal things. They also have a birthday club thing on Facebook. If you join you get a $5 coupon on your birthday. Look for it on FB. And her catalogs are always full of fun and interesting things. Plus with each herb, she lists its uses and other tidbits about the herb.

I also make my own pills out of bulk powdered herbs. Right now I am doing my own kelp for my thyroid, and black walnut, wormwood and cloves for the parasite cleanse I mentioned yesterday. It is a bit time-consuming, but easy and frugal. You can buy capsules at some of those links up there…

Did I miss anything?? If you have anything to add, share it with us in the comments.


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