It Was a ‘Corny’ Day

And, no, this wasn’t today. We did corn a couple of wks ago… But just now am getting around to posting them. While my guys are all out doing chopping hay, whether they are actually doing work or riding with Grandma. They will bug and bug me, until they are in a tractor somewhere, with someone!!

We pretty much have everything done for our Twilight Meeting tomorrow evening. We could use one more load of mulch, but we will see if we actually get it or just let it go. I am getting tired of mulching so many flowerbeds, but it sure looks lovely around here.

The ‘corny pictures’…

The first day of corn, we did around 2600 ears, 9am-4pm.

Even the younger ones enjoyed helping here and there. Hey, every bit counts and does help!!

Jevan, trying his hands at husking.

The corn de-silker. This little machine is a HUGE time saver!!! It uses water, and you just shove the cob in one end, one right after the other, and it comes out without any silk!!

Collin and Kim, who are 2 days apart in age, worked together really good. This was one job the ladies hardly got to do!!

Jevan and Cory catching the cobs as they came out the other end. Not sure what was so special about that ear, but something struck Jevan as it being a cool cob!!

3 escapees… heading to get dirty!!!

The next stage… cooking. We had 4 outdoor chicken cookers going with corn & 3 laundry tubs to cool them. It kept some people on their toes and very wet as well.

Cutting the corn off.

We had 2 more big corn days… with various other people helping. I didn’t help the 3rd day. ‘Til we were done 5700 ears of corn went through this process. Out of over an acre of corn my Father-in-law planted. We didn’t know how good it would turn out to be. But God blessed it, and it did amazing!!!

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2 Responses to It Was a ‘Corny’ Day

  1. Brenda says:

    We’ve been using a corn de-silker the last few years of doing corn,too. Love that thing!:) Love the pic of Jevan holding the ‘cool cob’. 🙂 Such cute boys you have, Lois!;)

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